LOFT – Living On Future Time is an innovative project aimed to an independent and youthful character, which arises from the need to combine privacy, convenience, design and technology with art, culture, environment and solidarity, central aspects in every days life.

The current world requires the search for balance: the right equilibrium between development and preservation, between profit and solidarity, between necessity and relaxation! LOFT stands as an example of harmony between art and work, culture and entertainment, including the desire to travel and respect for the environment and is in this direction which is’ designed LOFT Art Gallery Art Gallery, a true Rest House. Inside the structure is given the opportunity, for emerging contemporary artists, to exhibit their work and disseminate only art without ulterior motives and interests can see and communicate before any human eye, also donating part of sales to a ONLUS who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of the needy.

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